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A Peek Inside My Knife Bag + Pro Chef Tips

I would like to give you some understanding into my cooking necessities (in any event the effectively compact ones), including the particular blades and other fundamental devices I figure each home kitchen ought to be supplied with. I additionally share some simple tips and deceives that can assist you with lifting your home cooking game to professional status. So whether you’re an expert culinary specialist likewise, an ardent home cook, or are simply inquisitive and need to study my activity, continue perusing to discover what I keep in my blade pack and why I believe they’re so basic!

Inside My Knife Bag


Messermeister Felted Knife Roll

My last blade sack was from Meissermeister and it kept going me for at any rate 7 years before I chose to move up to this one. Honestly the bygone despite everything one held together entirely well, I simply needed one with more pockets, and I love that this one offers more style with the dim felt plan. Meissermeister blade sacks are very tough and notwithstanding the blade pockets they additionally include a zip pocket and different spaces for things like pens and meat thermometers. So in case you’re in the market for one I strongly prescribe this brand. I bought this one from Food52.

Hedley and Bennett Aprons

The entirety of my covers now are from Hedley and Bennett since they are simply squashing the cover game, throughout the day. They’re amazingly all around created, attentively structured, sturdy and come in a wide range of charming hues. I have 5 or 6 now since I love them so much, however I particularly love the stripes on my Dearborn Ave. Bistro Apron. I additionally possess a gourmet expert coat from them that is explicitly intended for ladies, and it’s my most loved of the various culinary expert coats I claim.

Yoga pants and my Dansko stops up (most strong culinary expert shoes EVER) as a rule balance my comfortable/easygoing gourmet expert uniform, yet my Hedley and Bennett clothing consistently makes me feel super set up together.

Inside My Knife Bag


Evade 7-inch Santoku

This person is my workhorse. The heaviness of the wood handle truly gives me a feeling of grounded control when I’m working with it, so I like to utilize this one for intense occupations like cutting open a goliath spaghetti squash or separating an entire chicken, however it can truly deal with any activity with quickness. I unquestionably go after this one more than some other blade.

Worldwide 7-inch Chef’s Knife

This is the blade I purchased as a reinforcement to the Shun. It’s a lot sleeker and stealthier, so I can generally get a pleasant, clean cut. I frequently go after it when I’m cutting cooked meat.

Worldwide 4-inch Paring Knife

A decent paring blade is fundamental in any gourmet Knife bag for chefs specialist’s stockpile. By what other means would you say you are going to cut organic products for a tart so exactly? Since my culinary expert’s blade from Global was such a strong buy I chose to go toward this path for my paring blade too. Their mark dimpled handles consistently guarantee a without slip grasp which is significant when sharp articles are the essential apparatuses of your exchange.

4 – inch Prep Knife

I as of late collaborated with on certain plans and they sent me two or three blades for thought. This prep blade was the one I never realized I required in my assortment! I strongly suggest it for little fast occupations like slashing herbs or mincing shallots. What’s more, in case you’re simply beginning putting resources into some great quality blades, this is an extraordinary essential and reasonable one to claim. Or on the other hand in case you’re similar to me and have amazingly little hands, this is the blade that will at last feel like it was made only for you.

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